Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Look at these

To find more pictures like this go to <>

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Friday, December 26, 2008

New Laptop, New Story, New Drive

Hey, I escaped from that dude with his laptop :)

I'm heading back to the lodge to find Sara who is supposed to be around there with my family. I hope she hasn't told them about me with the numbers on my neck... I want to explain that to them.

Gotta Fly!

avaln taken. man take him. bad maan take hiim. i sad.

She isn't making a blog

Gotta Fly!

As you see

I have taught Sara the basics of typing...

Well, we see the address a few trees away from us.

If I don't post again it means I was either captured or am dead. If Sara is alive and gets away she will post (she's getting better by the moment) and she has super-human fast learning.

I can see my mom and brother in the window. This looks to easy...

Way to easy...

Gotta Fly!

hi i sara avaln techme hw ta tiype

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh. My. God.

I'm exited to post this post!

5 minutes ago I looked at the place Sara was sitting.... AND SHE WAS HUMAN!!!!!!!
Freack out time!

O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o O.o

she's gonna make a blog

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I'm turning 15!

Im turning 15 on Friday!

Gotta Fly!


She will post, time to time. Well, I will type but she will tell me what to post.
(this is about 5 days ago)

After few days of walking and running Sara and I saw some men in the forest. I was already in my wolf form so we could just walk past. It was kind of annoying having to haul the laptop around on my back. I had this pack that I put on my back (in wolf form) that carried my clothes and laptop. We went over to see what was going on and they were talking. There were three of them... and one was Jeb. He was telling them, "Find specimen 13, he must be injected with the new formula"
They both nodded and shifted to Eraser forms.
I cursed.
Sara was walking away when she stepped on a branch and the Erasers heard her.
They lunged at her and she yelped. It wasn't a puppy dog yelp, it was an OMG something cut me deep. I lunged at them and bit one of them, and then I shifted into my Eraser form and punched him in the arm I bit him.
I heard a crack and then he was holding his arm. I took my gun out of my bag and shot the other one. I carried an unconscious Sara away.

When we got back to the cave I saw that in her back she was bleeding, and there was a small mark where a needle punctured her skin. For the past five days she has had body aches and has not had the strength to stand up. I am strongly worried about her.

Questions still remain:

What did they do to her?

What was in the shot?

What was Jeb talking about?

Why is Sara sick? (understatement of the year!)

When will she get better?

Will she get better?

Will this post ever end?


Gotta Fly!

New Playlist (for a few days)

For a few days I'm gonna put up Christmas songs

Gotta Fly!



It's wrong but it's funny!   (my housekeeper emailed it to me a few weeks ago)

I thought it was appropriate for Christmas tomorrow!

psssst. im getting Sara a good bone from a cow... I found... JK it's left over from one of our meals. every day in the wild makes my wolf part use it's instincts... I'm spending less and less time in my human form... even less in my Eraser form. 

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I have a bad manga....

Gotta Fly!

I'm going to take the barking thing off tomorrow

It's kinda annoying....

Also, Re-vote for my new shuffle of the same playlist

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Monday, December 22, 2008

hey, i've been tagged 3 times

Here are the rules of tagging:

1.Each blogger must post these rules first.
2.Each blogger starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
3.Blogger s that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their 8 things.
4.At the end of your blog,you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.
5.Don't forget to leave them a comment,telling them that they've been tagged and to read your blog



(nixx gave them to me)

heh heh


  1. I blog... alot (I bet you have noticed that)
  2. I have a dog (well a wolf I trained who will come in the story)
  3. I cry to lots of sad songs....
  4. I love almost every song.... Cruz knows that
  5. I know the lyrics to almost every song... 
  6. I'm always carrying a gun (a small pistol)
  7. I'm bad at these tag things
  8. I'm enviorment crazy!
TAG ur it! (to these people):

Are there tag-backs??? ah, who cares?
  1. Cruz
  2. Sonar
  3.  Nixx
  4. Kami
  5. Robert Varulfur
  6. & 7. Radar/Saphire
    8. door-knob-eating-carpet-licker

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The Scar.... of DEATH

Where we left off I had the tattoo on my neck that meant I was gonna die.

Oh, and to get things straight he has my whole family. (he is the dude hat kidnapped them)

                         That night I slept in a nearby cave (in my wolf form) while it snowed. 

I woke up and another wolf was sleeping by my feet. He woke up a few seconds later and growled at me. Of course I understood him/her and he was saying "hi" so I said hi back. He/she said his/her name was "Sara" and she was a female. She askes me why I was here and I told her the whole story. I don't know why. But, I left the human part out. :P

oops. that was short. whateva

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

And The commenter of the month goes to...


here are her blogs:

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On the Run- AGAIN

Im not in the mood to recap so here it goes!


WHen I say the buissness card was on the laptop I mean it was scanned and put on the screen. So I had brung the laptop with me. (cheapskate dad not buying a printer.) Thats how I'm able to post. Soon, I was over the forest surrounding the place I lived in. (Duh, I was flying) I landed a few hours later to take a break. I picked up the computer and deleted my old blog, thinking "I wont be able to post on this." Then I surfed youtube. After that I went over to a near-by spring to wash off. Just before I put my hands in I noticed a number on my neck. YES that tatoo like thing Ari got. If you didn't read Maximum Ride, it's a thing that goes on your neck and means your going to DIE. I panicked. That meant I only had a limited time to live. Good thing my mom wasn't here or she would have fainted by now.


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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another Eraser, another Fight, another Journey

I was going to tell you that this was happening when I started this blog, but that would lead me to tell you a summery  of the whole adventure and what fun would it be to skip all the details of the last years events? NO

AND NOW........        WHAT HAPPENED!


                                   2 weeks ago I went to my house from school and I called my mom and this man answered, "come to me and I'll let your parents go." I freaked out, and I searched the apartment for anything h could have left me, after 5 minutes I opened my laptop (that uses Satellite Connection) Opened it to see if he left me something and guess what? A business card was inside. I took it to the police but they didn't take me seriously, and I did the FREAKIN' STUPIDEST THING EVER! I punched the police man who was talking to me and ran. Oh, I ran.
Everything was a blur. And soon all the blurry things were 400 feet below me....

I cursed. I spat. If I was on the ground I would have kicked myself....

I was on the run AGAIN.

Gotta Fly!

How Life's been.

After coming back home it's been normal except the occasional Eraser fight.
So I'm gonna put some cool pics up!

I forgot all my cool pics so I'm gonna show you cool vids.

My vids wouldn't load!

Gotta Fly!

PS. Does anyone know a good tear jerkier song?

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Job, Escape, and the Killing

Sorry I haven't posted.

Where we left off, I was in the Lab in a dog crate.

Before I could escape I was sold to a billionaire for some amount of money (obviously they didn't tell me.) The man used me as a bodyguard and later a HIT MAN. When he sent me on his first mission I was baffled. A man sending me as a hit man. It was like a nightmare. Luckily he sent me to kill a man named Jeb, who worked for the place that created me. I tried to kill him but I got into a fight with Ari, his son who is also an Eraser but I got away. When I got back I shot my "owner" and went back to my parents. (Don't ask how I found them, it's a LONG story.)

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008




Gotta Fly!

A message to a few people:

Kiyliey, why did you delete your blog?
And Forever, why did you delete urs?
I liked ur blogs so much!
one seec gotta vomit....

im back and i feel horrid!
Gotta Take my medicine!


I'm not posting alort because im sick.

One sec gotta vomit


bleh, gotta go and watch the simpsons

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

I went on a thing and it said:

My is Avalanch.
Take The Wolf Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Short Story part and pic of wolf that looks like me!

Nice pic right?

It looks like me! (in my wolf form)

Well, bake to the story:

      Since then I have hated that chemical smell. For days they did tests, and I had no idea why. Every once in a while they gave me a shot (you know with a needle) But the whole time I had a plan, a wonderful plan....

Sorry I have to go.

Gotta Fly!

WHo called this blog Horrible!

I know you have free will blah blah blah but how did it? I wont hurt you! (or will I...)

JK (just kidding) I just wanna know so you can tell me how to make my blog better, okay?

Im still happy I have egret feet! YAY!

Gotta Fly!

ohhhhhhh i have egret feet! yay!

Gotta Fly!

I'm 4 New York! Or am I...

They used something to make me fall asleep.

          I woke up just in time to see that they had bolted me to the bottom of a helicopter (that was flying), which meant they had noticed I am very good at getting out of "sticky" situations. I also saw the Empire State building in the distance,, and I heard the people up in the helicopter saying we're almost to the Institute of Higher Living. I fell back asleep. I woke up in a cage and the smell of a hospital was surrounding me, and  I knew that I was back at the School (the place I was made) or something like it...
Gotta Fly!


im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored!

Gotta Fly!

feel free to follow!

feel free!

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Helicopter Madnes!

As we left off it was 5 months ago and  I had been dragged into a helicopter.

Very soon I reganed conciousness and we were going away from the cliff the dropped 60 feet.
I stood up and took my handcuffs and put one of my captors wings in the loop and broke it and then shoved him off the helicopter to his death 60 feet below.
The next one took out a gun but I kicked it with one leg and kicked him with the other.
I grabbed the key from his hands and shoved him off to.
I unlocked the handcuffs and took a gun on the floor and put it to the drivers head.
I whispered in his ear, "Go home and live and live a better life, but for now you are going to fly this plane right back to where you picked me up. Hear?"
He said," yes sir"
I got out of my wolf form, and walked back on the cliff a few minutes later, but geuss what?
There were 50 Erasers waiting for me!

Gotta Fly!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm not in the mood to post a big post! so I am going to do  little commercial...

It's about a girl (who is now my pack over the internet) That is kind of like me! Although she is 3% human and 97% wolf. She can shift into a human form or a wolf form. PLEASE check this blog out

Gotta Fly!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

FIve Months later...

I had gotten home!
Just so you know I was only stuck as a wolf for 5 days.

Now it was Summer Vacation, and we were going to some tropical place. The hotel was overlooking a cliff that dropped to the water... and there was an elavator going down the side of the cliff to come water here you can swim. 3 days in to the Vacation at dinner a pair of men with feline-like eyes were sitting next to us (that is my family). I stood up and walked over to them. I bluntly punched the first one in the face, and they both stood up, holding guns. Luckly I never leave the gun I have for this occasion, so I pulled out mine. Before they could pull the trigger I had sprinted out the door and on the lawn. The cliff was fifty feet away. All of us started to change to out hairy like selves, and one shot at my stomach but jumed and the bullet wend flying off the ledge, and so did the darker haired one whn I threw him off. But, the second one came up behind me and handcuffed me, and shoved a sleeping dart in my neck, the last thing remember was bein carried in a helicopter...

Gotta Fly!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Jouney

I soon had made it out of the place the Indians were holding me I shifted back to normal. I didn't feel like I deserved to fly at that moment after horribly killed those two men. Although I still wanted to go very fast, even though I had no idea where I was I ran. I felt I was going north east somehow. SO I kept heading that way, and I realized that I was heading home. I ran faster. Soon I felt that I was going really fast, so I looked down. I was a dog running, wearing clothes. I thought to myself "WOW, maybe its a new ability" but when I tried to change back, I couldn't. As luck would have it; it started to rain. I curled up in a close by cave for the night. The whole night I felt as someone was watching me...

Gotta Fly!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

How do you...

How do you put a soundtrack on blogger?

Please comment, any help will be appreciated!

Gotta Fly!

My first killing... PS I'm bored so I am making lotsa posts today!

I ran in the forest. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I had fought three men and killed one of them. I was devastated. I suddenly felt like someone was watching me. I slowly took out the gun I had stolen, acting on some instinct that seemed to kick in. I felt a mild sting on my back and I pulled out a dart. It was hollow, and I was already getting sleepy. I fell awkwardly on the floor.

I woke up on some kind of bed, half dressed Indians were standing around me sharpening knives, and again; somehow I knew what they were saying, which was,"Free this god from its canine body!" They must have seen my wings... and my snout... and my fur... and my teeth, which were like knives. I was scared, angry, and confused at my new ability: Understanding languages. I wished all this never had happened, I wished I was in school right now, and most of all I wished these freaks would stop freaking calling me a GOD! At that moment all the ropes tying me to the bed were burned and I was standing up. I was gone. It was like I was outside of my body watching me kill 1 person as the others fled. It was absolutely horrid!

Happily I have been able to control me killing people incidentally! YAY! :)

But the Questoins still remain:

Where in Mexico am I?

Will I manifest mew powers besides understanding and speaking languages and making and controling fire?

Who is following me?

Are there more Erasers coming?

Will my bad luck ever end?

And most Importantly: Where is the closest Dunk n' Dounuts?

Gotta Fly!

How it all happened-part 2

A few weeks later i had taught myself how to fly. It was and still is a wonderful sensation. Above the world, above all worries! Oh it's sensational! I flew for days without seeing a single person. Eventually I finally found a small town surrounded by forest, so I landed in a small clearing between a few trees and walked in. I found many people speaking what seemed like Spanish. Somehow I could understand them. I had some money I found on the street so I went to a small town diner. I ordered a cheap taco. I ate it lie I never ate before... I looked around and the diner was emptying I said to myself maybe they're just going to church or something that thought when I saw men morphing to Erasers. I found out I was too. The first one too a jab at my stomach, but I caught his arm and twisted it. Then, I took a round-house kick at his head and he fell to the floor unconscious, blood spilling out of his mouth. There were two left. I picked up a chair and hurled it at the one on the left's head. He caught it. then they took out guns. I jumped back over the table I was sitting at and turned it on its side so it would shelter me. I made a dash for the door and took to flight outside. I desended at the police office and too one of thier guns and shot my second persuer. He fell to the ground holding his arm. The other one shot me before I desended on him and rippd his arm off. I ran away crying with blood on my hands.

Heavy.... right?


Why sooooooooooooo many batteries! Battery here and battery there! every electronic thing needs batteries! Grrrrrrrrrrrr! And it seems in our house we NEVER have batteries! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Gotta Fly!

PS story will be on resume soon.

How it all happened-part 1

I was 13.

It was 1 year ago and I was starting 7th Grade. The leaves were already falling off the trees. A few weekends in to the school year I was walking my dog outside. There was very nice weather so I decided to go on a especially long walk with my cute little black Scottie I had named Total.\ A black van with no licence plate pulled up and took my dog and I inside. I woke up with a snout, fur and wings. I stood up and a man introduced himself as Jeb Batchelder. He took me outside and a bunch of cages with people with wings were being headed out. One of them who looked about 14 was biting another fur-like creature that she called Ari. He called her Max. And so did Jeb. All of a sudden a flock of birds swooped down on us and I escaped in all the commotion. Soon later I discovered I could go back to looking human.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

About me (profile legthened)


Welcome to my blog. If you are from Itex (fill you in later) get out!

So now, about me, I am a result from an experiment that wound up making me part Wolf, part Human, and part Bird. I am what they call in the Maximum Ride novels: An Eraser. Lord I hate that name! Just call me Avalon. And if your from that one blog... whats that name? Oh yeah Sonar's blog. Dont think I'm evil. Besides Ari (at one point) I am the only good Eraser (or at least I know about.) My whole life - well at least since James Patterson wrote Maximum Ride and the incident happened - I have been wondering how he knows about all this. Maybe that never understandable guy "Jeb Batchelder" is sending him the Novels and James Patterson is publishing them.

Gotta Fly!

PS I will tell you my story next post

Charlie bit me!