Sunday, December 14, 2008

I went on a thing and it said:

My is Avalanch.
Take The Wolf Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Gotta Fly!


Radar/Saphire said...

Hey! Cool Blog! And no worries, I have an Eraser friend myself! I saved him from mind control. So I know that their are good erasers as well as bad!

Cruz said...

your name was better than mine, mine was gentle breeze =D

hey I think I confused you with my comment (I have a tendency to do that to people lol)

I didn't mean to I wanted to be on your list on side, although that's nice of you, I meant I could tell my friends to come check out your blog if you wanted me to.

You joined Save the World? I didn't know you were into environmental issues? I never saw anything on your blog about it. That's cool.

last, did you want to join Flamex flock? I left the URL on my last comment, it's not connected to my profile becuz I'm just a member the URL is

you leave a comment that you're interested in joining and they might ask you questions about you're powers and abilities and stuff. the chat box URL is

if you're still interested, and WOW! LONG COMMENT! you don't have to post this comment if you don't want to. lol see ya

*^.^* Cruz

Avalon said...

now to answer your 2 Q's

I am quiet about it but I want to save the world any way!

Yes I want to join Flamex

Cruz said...

all you have to do is goto the main blog and comment that you want to join... the site is on my previous comment... site is also on my blog list on CruzControl under faves "Fang Goth" that's the leader but he changed his name to Dark Gothvian then again to Takeichirou Kurosaki. He's really a nice guy, you could e-mail him too, he responds pretty quickly, he's awesome... just comment if you had any questions.
*^.^* Cruz