Sunday, December 7, 2008

My first killing... PS I'm bored so I am making lotsa posts today!

I ran in the forest. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I had fought three men and killed one of them. I was devastated. I suddenly felt like someone was watching me. I slowly took out the gun I had stolen, acting on some instinct that seemed to kick in. I felt a mild sting on my back and I pulled out a dart. It was hollow, and I was already getting sleepy. I fell awkwardly on the floor.

I woke up on some kind of bed, half dressed Indians were standing around me sharpening knives, and again; somehow I knew what they were saying, which was,"Free this god from its canine body!" They must have seen my wings... and my snout... and my fur... and my teeth, which were like knives. I was scared, angry, and confused at my new ability: Understanding languages. I wished all this never had happened, I wished I was in school right now, and most of all I wished these freaks would stop freaking calling me a GOD! At that moment all the ropes tying me to the bed were burned and I was standing up. I was gone. It was like I was outside of my body watching me kill 1 person as the others fled. It was absolutely horrid!

Happily I have been able to control me killing people incidentally! YAY! :)

But the Questoins still remain:

Where in Mexico am I?

Will I manifest mew powers besides understanding and speaking languages and making and controling fire?

Who is following me?

Are there more Erasers coming?

Will my bad luck ever end?

And most Importantly: Where is the closest Dunk n' Dounuts?

Gotta Fly!